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Life Drawing Classes 2019

Every Saturday, 14h30 - 16h30 in my studio at Myrtle House. Small drop in classes, spaces are limited. Models are paid professionals, I supply materials (A2 drawing paper, media of your choice) and there are easels and boards available to use. Refreshments are provided.


Dates and models for 2019:


January ~ 19th: Trish         26th: Sian      

February ~ 2nd: Stuart     9th: Trish     16th: Richard     23rd: Sian                      

March ~ 2nd: Stuart     9th: Abby     16th: Maria    23rd: Rich      30th: Abby

April - 6th: Sian   13th: Abby    20th: Abby    27th: Abby

May - 4th: Leigh   11th: Abby    18th: Abby     25th: Richard

June - 1st: Abby   8th: Leigh  15th:  Abby   22nd: No Class    29th: Leigh

July -  6th: Abby  !3th: Gemma  20th: No Class  27th: Leigh

August - 3rd:     10th: Abby  

September - 7th: Leigh No sessions as I am doing Helfa Gelf

October - 5th: Leigh

November 2nd - Abby

December 7th - Abby





I have taught life drawing off and on over the years and have held workshops in the West Indies, South Africa and Spain. I enjoy seeing people developing their own style as they become more skilled in observation, in interpreting what they see and in handling their medium.

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